Patrick Mahomes Tells The Sad Story Of His Only College Pitching Appearance

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who’s vying for his second straight Super Bowl victory on Sunday, certainly had the pedigree to be a baseball pitcher. His dad played in the majors for years. The younger Mahomes also threw a no-hitter in high school.

But something happened to the multisport athlete in college: reality.

Mahomes got a chance to pitch in a game for Texas Tech during the 2015 season.

“I came into the game and I walked the first guy, I believe. I hit the second guy, gave up a double, they scored a run and then I got taken out of the game,” Mahomes said in a media teleconference on Wednesday. “I think I had an infinity ERA, which probably isn’t a good one. So yeah, that’s not something that I’m very proud to have on my record.”

That would be his first and last pitching appearance in college. (He also went 0 for 2 at the plate that season.)

Incidentally, confirmed that Mahomes had a miserable mound outing but showed him walking two and hitting a batter. All three baserunners would later score

According to Sports Illustrated, Mahomes left baseball in 2016 to devote all his energy to football.

Wise choice: Mahomes went on to win NFL MVP, Super Bowl MVP and won the big game in his first appearance.

And he got to celebrate with his baseball pitcher pop, Pat Mahomes Sr.

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