Watch A Top Golfer Cuss In Disgust As His Rival Passes By

It didn’t take much for golf star Brooks Koepka to get teed off in the presence of his nemesis Bryson DeChambeau. (Watch the video, with NSFW language, below.)

In interview footage for the Golf Channel that found its way onto social media Monday, Koepka was describing his play at the PGA Championship last week when DeChambeau walked behind him.

DeChambeau appeared to say something to another person as his spikes grated against the ground, prompting Koepka to close his eyes in contempt. “I fucking lost ― I lost my train of thought, yeah, hearing that bullshit,” he told interviewer Todd Lewis. “Fuckin’ Christ.”

Their feud has been brewing a while. Among the shots fired: Koepka publicly griped about DeChambeau’s slow play. DeChambeau criticized Koepka for his lack of abdominal definition in ESPN’s Body Issue, to which Koepka responded with a nice dig using his trophies as props. Koepka also joked about DeChambeau using steroids after he snapped at a cameraman.

DeChambeau, who bulked up to bolster his long game, said Koepka has gone “too far” in ribbing him.

DeChambeau, now ranked fourth in the world, won the U.S. Open in September. He finished 38th at the PGA.

Koepka, ranked seventh, has won four majors and finished second in a failed bid to win his third PGA.

This won’t be the last time their paths cross.

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