Megan Fox Details Ayahuasca ‘Hell’ With Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox says she went through “psychological hell” after drinking the psychoactive brew ayahuasca, but still thinks it was worth trying.

The actor sat down Monday with Arsenio Hall, guest host on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and explained what happened when she and boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly drank ayahuasca while on vacation in Costa Rica.

Fox said she was “in the middle of the jungle” ― not the “five-star” glamping experience she expected ― alongside 20 strangers drinking the tea “until you, not of your own volition, just vomit everything out of your body.”

“You have to vomit a certain amount before they let you get back with everybody,” she recalled, and the group cheered one another to continue throwing up.

It was “such a good bonding experience” that helped her to “open up,” Fox said of the three-day trip. 

“It was incredibly intense,” Fox said. “The second night, I went to hell for eternity. And just knowing eternity is torture in itself because there was no beginning, middle or end. So, you have a real ego death.”

Hall asked how she knew she was in “hell for eternity.”

Fox answered that it was her own “psychological hell.”

“It just goes straight into your soul and takes you into your psychological prison you hold yourself in,” she explained. “It’s your own version of hell. And I was definitely there.” 

You can watch the entire interview with Hall below. 

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